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What Is


The Problem

A full-service restaurant POS system offers a lot of features that are irrelevant to craft beer bars and microbreweries. Furthermore, it lacks features that would be extremely useful and unique to their needs. Some of these concerns include but are not limited to:

  1. Paying 100% for a system that they may only utilize 50% of with useless support services

  2. Not built for different size kegs and different glass size combinations

  3. Made for full service restaurants only

  4. Inaccurate financial reporting

  5. Poor inventory solution

The Solution

We have created a POS system to accurately account and report for any keg size and any glass size combination. Our solution resolves our biggest issues:

  1. Paying 100% for a system that can be utilized for 100% of its features

  2. Accounts for different keg sizes and any glass size combination

  3. Built for and by craft beer industry experts

  4. Accurate financial and expected margins reporting

  5. Efficient inventory solution for accuracy and cost savings


Our solution was built from the ground up with the craft beer industry in mind. Restaurant systems are being revised to assist some bars and microbreweries with the shortfalls they face, but they are still a restaurant system. We have built a system for the craft beer industry, rather than customizing a restaurant system for the craft beer industry. We take pride that we are not just developers, but developers that live and work in the craft beer industry and know its needs.

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