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Why Choose


The Difference

Besides offering a POS that functions as any great POS should, what do we offer?


Craft Beer Centered Inventory

Our craft beer-designed inventory module allows users to keep track of various keg sizes combined with different glass sizes. This allows the user to keep a more accurate inventory system. Therefore, managers are able to correctly calculate pours and sales more efficiently.


Craft Beer Centered Ordering

Our ordering module helps craft beer bar managers decide on a beer before committing to an order. We take the guess work out of meeting margins or sales goals. Knowing beer costs has a huge impact on the bottom line, it's not enough to just know how much the beer costs. They also need to know how much to charge for specialty beers, what are the highest margin beers worth promoting, and especially what your loss leaders are. This module will provide these answers before making tough decisions and cut back on ordering mistakes that effect the bottom line.

Custom Craft Beer POS System

Modern POS System made specifically for craft beer. Built for and by craft beer industry experts with experience in retail.

Margin Management

Keep track of beer margins in order to make   the correct  glassware, price, and purchasing decisions to create revenue. 

Dynamic Menu Filter

Search by characteristics such as style, brand, ABV, IBU, and other attributes in order to assist customer orders.

Keg Management

Audit beer keg levels to make inventory decisions, monitor pouring procedure, and keep an eye on proper glassware use.

Similar Price As Other POS Systems

Won't cost more than the industry leading POS systems while also providing unique benefits on top of a solid POS system.

More Features Coming Soon

Consistently working to improve and add new features to make the system more advanced and  convenient for users.

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