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CraftPOS Launches Most Comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) System for the Craft Beer Community at Bluewood Brewing.

Ellisville, MO – April 1, 2019 – CraftPOS (, a scalable software solution for Managing complex craft beer operations launched on March 23 rd at
Bluewood Brewing. The system will be available for migration from standard point of sale (POS) systems already in place, in addition to new bars, microbreweries,
brewpubs, and taproom installations in late Spring 2019. Craft beer bars, taprooms and brewpubs must manage some of the most complex margin and inventory challenges in the industry, with more factors introduced each year.

“Many craft beer businesses are unable to optimize their businesses without relevant information from their current POS system. Most are operating with a set of tools that were put together from different systems that are preventing these businesses from reaching their potential,” said Jay Quezada, founder and CEO of CraftPOS. “Too many craft beer businesses are stuck with generally poor inventory and supply chain management tools and not able to handle proper margin control or a proper ordering module that were sold to the craft beer market and built on antiquated technologies. It doesn’t have to be that way, which is where the combined software and craft beer expertise of CraftPOS gives us an edge.” Ask any craft beer business owner these two questions; are you using 100% of your system? Are you paying 100% for that system? The answer will most likely be No and Yes. This is where CraftPOS excels. It was built with the craft beer community in mind but doesn’t exclude restaurants or retail shops. CraftPOS integrates the best craft beer system to make it a complete system for any business involved with craft beer sales, yet it can to of value to any retail shop or restaurant as well.

Although Bluewood Brewing, located at 1821 Cherokee St, is not permanently open to the public, they are holding random “soft openings” to get their wheels in motion. On March 23, 2019, they held a large soft opening for friends and family where CraftPOS was there to support them. Co-owner of Bluewood Brewing, Jerry Moberg says “CraftPOS is simple, intuitive, and reliable, while also providing is the all the inventory and reporting features we need. When combined with the amazing support team they provide, it was a welcome relief to have one less thing to worry about for our first soft opening. I would highly recommend CraftPOS to anyone, but especially to other craft beer-based businesses. It’s a no-brainer.” Bluewood anticipates opening full-time to the public by early summer 2019. CraftPOS will soon be seen at Crafty Chameleon Craft Beer Bar and Center Ice Brewing.

CraftPOS software solution features:

  • Real time inventory management

    • What’s on tap/what’s in inventory/how many pours left in a keg

  • Order fulfillment

    • Order the right beer based on margins without guessing

    • Proprietary keg size/glass size/price combo to make decisions based on

    • Order history/sales trends based on products/price history

  • Intuitive user interface

    • Easy to use/allows bar tender/server to access all information available
      about product

  • Secure system

    • All systems comply with the latest security and credit card security

  • Loyalty and gift card programs included

    • Track loyal customers and reward with gifts/products at no added expense

    • Gift cards are integrated and do not require 3 rd party system or added expense

  • Analytics to help provide future growth

    • Customer order trends/beer trends/when to tap certain styles


Pricing and Availability:
CraftPOS will be available in Q2/Q3 2019, will be ready for integration, offers free
quotes and consultation on POS setup.  CraftPOS will make every effort to integrate
prior sales and order data, depending on the legacy system so customers can track
prior sales and have CraftPOS help with the analysis ongoing. CraftPOS offers flexible pricing based on the number of terminals needed, regardless of transaction volume, can do monthly billing, requires no long-term contracts along with comprehensive service contracts to ensure system is operating smoothly and has 24/7 support hours.

About CraftPOS
Founded in April 2018 and headquartered in Ellisville, MO, CraftPOS is the most craft
beer community centered point of sale, secure and scalable enterprise-grade softwaresolution for managing any craft beer operation. CraftPOS was built by a team of craft beer people; craft beer bar owner, brewer, craft beer bar manager, craft beerdistribution experts and software designers.

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