Free Credit Card Processing - Is there such a thing as Free?

What is the difference between Surcharging and Zero-Fee Processing and No Cost Processing?

Trick question, as they all mean the same thing. Zero-fee processing, no cost processing or surcharging is a processing resolution where credit card processing fees are passed to your customers automatically. Instead of your business paying the processing costs, your customers will pay the fees.

EMV Liability: What you need to know. 

Since EMV chips cards were introduced in the United States in 2015 they have become the norm replacing the familiar magstripe. So, what is EMV, how does it impact your business and what should you do?

The Crafty Chameleon Bar selects CraftPOS as new Point-of-Sale for expanding operation.

Since opening in summer of 2013, The Crafty Chameleon Bar has been a local hot spot for craft beer in West St. Louis County. Going into their sixth year of business, third Point-of-Sale (POS) system, and with plans in the works of adding a nano-brewery and a wood-fired pizza oven, Jay was needing more from the standard POS system. “My main goals were to increase beverage savings; increase margins; reduce POS fees; reduce waste; increase profitability and to increase our credit card processing savings.”.