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Our History

CraftPOS was born out of necessity as well as the desire to not have to settle for a POS system that was hindering our business and industry.


Founder Jay Quezada, owner of a very popular and successful craft beer bar in Ellisville, MO, was determined to find a better solution to his POS shortfalls. He was in the perfect market at about 25 miles west of St. Louis city, which has become one of the nations hot beds for breweries and hosts some of its best beers.


After using 3 different POS systems in the first 4 years of business, it was time to take action. In the process of interviewing dozens of systems, Jay realized that each had their own strengths but all had one major weakness: no craft beer adaptability.  Several companies had no interest in customizing for his business, and a few even suggested that he build his own.  


So the idea was born, let's build our own craft beer POS and management system to better run our business. Since previous POS companies had little interest in filling this need for our industry, we decided that we will fill that gap and give craft beer bars what they truly want and deserve.

Jay Quezada - Founder

Jay has spent the last 5 years owning/managing The Crafty Chameleon Craft Beer Bar in Ellisville, MO. He has been in IT consulting for over 15 years and is a 13 year Air Force Veteran.

Adam Mueller – IT Director

Adam is a business intelligence and software development professional from St. Louis, MO. He is a homebrewer, craft beer and whiskey enthusiast, software geek, and 8-year Army veteran. He is ecstatic about the opportunity to put both his craft beer obsession and programming knowledge to good use and is passionate about contributing to the craft beer community.

Jess Thompson - Operations Director

Jess is a St. Louis Native. She previously managed The Crafty Chameleon Craft Beer Bar, worked for a local distributor, and has a passion for St. Louis’ craft beer scene. In her free time she can be found catching the latest movie, checking out the newest brewery, or hanging out with her son.

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